Considering the huge costs of replacing glass windows, this is a question that often bothers many home and commercial property owners. However, the decision does not have to be so hard to make. A better understanding of cracks on windows can help you determine the right time to replace them.

Why windows crack

To really understand the problem of cracks on glass windows, it is integral that you start by looking at the causes. Knowing the reasons behind the cracks on your windows will ensure that you are able to protect them from such risks in future. The main cause of cracks on windows is when hit by a hard object. Intense pressure from changes in temperature and pressure could also cause cracks on windows. The pressure impacts expansion of the glass, forcing the particles to disintegrate.

Regardless of the causes, window cracks are a significant deformity that you want to fix as soon as possible. No matter the sizes of the cracks and the parts of the windows where they are experienced, they can easily ruin the overall appeal of your property. Whenever the windows are cracked, your home looks old and in a bad state. On the other hand, neglected cracks may also create complications that extend to other sections of the building.

Having cracked windows can also put the people using the building in danger. If the cracks are too big and neglected for long, they may easily break the glass, thereby resulting into accidents.

Small cracks and large cracks on glass windows

While there are many factors that can influence your decision to replace cracked windows, the size and location of the cracks are the main aspects to consider.

Dealing with small cracks on windows

As their name suggests, these are tiny cracks that may not be clearly visible from a distance. For such cases, there are various alternatives that can be pursued to fill them up. A windows repair professional can perform the procedures on short notice. Besides, there are some home remedies that you can also try like nail polish, glue and shellac. These products have adhesive compounds that can put the cracked pieces together and prevent further deterioration.

Regardless of the causes of cracks on your small windows, the defects can quickly develop if not effectively fixed immediately. Engaging a glass specialist is the best way to achieving this. Neglecting small cracks on windows only gives them time to become bigger, which could require replacement. Even with the best windows repair, cracks impact weakness on the glass. As a result, they may not be able to withstand damage as before.

In case you are worried that cracked windows might put your building at risk, it would be advisable to simply replace them.

Large window cracks usually carry great risks that require immediate replacement. Broken windows make your home vulnerable to intruders and may also provide an entry point for wild animals and pets. This can put your safety as well as that of the building in jeopardy. No matter how long you try to hold onto the windows, large cracks will make it to eventually shatter apart.

Dealing with large cracks on windows

Large cracks on the windows of commercial buildings give a bad impression that would easily turn away customers. They make the entire building to look untidy, under maintained and old. Besides, broken windows may also make your business space vulnerable to criminals. Having broken windows generally makes your business space to look unsafe. While window repair professionals can sometimes provide alternatives to keep the glass in place for a short time, large cracks can only be effectively solved by replacement.

To most people, differentiating between small cracks and large cracks on windows may not be an easy task. In case you notice cracks on your windows, the best thing to do before buying a new one is consulting a glass specialist. They will carefully examine the windows and, advise you on whether to replace them or not. This will not only save you time but, also ensure you get the best solutions to cracks on windows.

For slight cracks that do not warrant replacement, simply talk to Glass Repair Singapore for professional windows repair services.

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