Glass repair and replacement are important procedures that you will need at least once in your home.   However, it is easy to get confused on the most suitable alternative for your glass if you do not understand the two. Below is a breakdown of some of the common disparities between residential glass repair and replacement as well as the implications of each procedure.

Residential Glass Repair

Residential glass repair mainly entails fixing defects on the glass so it can continue to serve you. The basis of repair is to eliminate blemishes and prevent further damage to the existing glass. As a result, you will be able to revive the appeal of the glass and also extend its lifespan.

Glass repair usually covers a wide range of glass items in the home including windows, doors, balcony panels, shower enclosures, aquariums among others. The following are the basics of residential glass repair that you should keep in mind.

Addresses slight glass problems  

While residential glass repair can effectively revive glass, it can only handle slight problems. The common glass issues that can be addressed through repair include scratches, chips, cracks, hard water stains and water marks. These problems can distort the beauty of glass and hasten ageing. However, the glass could still function.

Focused on reviving the existing glass

Whenever you hire glass repair services, the technicians will not bring in new glass. Instead, they will work on the defects to enable you continue using the glass where it is. Although the procedures may involve various activities, you do not have to worry about getting new glass. After inspecting the defects, glass specialists will tell you if the glass can be revived.

Glass repair requires unique skills and products

Generally, there are various approaches to glass repair. The particular techniques and products for the procedure will mainly depend on the problems experienced, your budget and expectations. In fact, even the equipment for glass repair may vary according to the existing problems and their severity. For instance, the remedies for removing cracks from glass are not the same as those of hard water stains.

Glass repair is more cost effective

Perhaps, this is the main reason why most home owners prefer glass repair over replacement. Since glass repair does not entail the acquisition of new glass and components, there is usually less costs involved. On the other hand, there are quite a number of glass repair procedures that can be administered at home with readily available products lie toothpaste and vinegar. Residential glass repair enables you to effectively re-awaken the appeal of your glass without any huge spending. When using home remedies, you may not even end up spending a dollar to revive your glass.

Residential Glass Replacement

Unlike repair, residential glass replacement involves installing new glass. The following are key aspects of glass replacement that distinguishes it from repair.

Requires change of glass and parts

Whenever you hire residential glass replacement services, you must also have plans on how to get a new glass and relevant parts. Replacing the glass means you no longer want the existing one, thus, it has to be removed. Based on the reason for replacement, you can change the entire glass and its components or just selected parts. You can either install new or used glass and parts.

The glass does not have to be damaged

Although most glass replacements are a result of bigger problems that cannot be fixed through repair, it is not always the case. You may also want to replace the glass for a change of décor, especially during home remodeling.

Glass replacement is expensive

Generally, the cost of glass replacement usually depends on the type and size of the glass as well as the amount of work involved. However, the fact that you must get a new glass and parts and hire a professional to do the replacement already points to huge spending. In cases where special glass and parts are required, the costs could go even much higher. Going by the current market standards, residential glass replacement could cost up to three times more than repair.

If your glass has defects like scratches, chips, cracks, hard water stains and water marks that can be effectively fixed with repairs, talk to Glass Repair Singapore for professional glass repair services.

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