Many people often struggle with choosing whether to restore or replace their glass windows and doors. While the decision to restore or replace glass can be influenced by several factors, the condition of the glass, related costs and your expectations are the main aspects to always look into. Nevertheless, restoring your glass windows and doors is generally considered a better option than replacing them.

To help you in making an informed choice, below are some of the reasons why glass restoration is arguably better than replacement.

Restoration preserves the architectural appeal of the building

The windows and doors on your building are part of its architecture. As such, replacing them could significantly change the overall appeal of the building. Reproductions may create something closer but, never similar. For historic buildings that were constructed many years ago, replacing the windows and doors could easily change the entire architecture. Restoring glass windows and doors enable you to revive their beauty and also extend their lifespan without changing the unique architecture of the building.

Restoring glass windows and doors is cost effective

Both home and commercial property owners are constantly in search of ways to preserve their glass windows and doors in proper state without huge spending. Compared to replacement, restoring glass is relatively cheaper. Glass experts say restoration can cost barely half the price of replacement. Besides the high costs of buying new glass and parts, you will also need a glass specialist to handle the replacement.

Depending on the designs and sizes of your glass windows and doors, replacements may also require special equipment, thereby increasing the costs even more. On the contrary, restoring glass windows will not require you to buy new glass and components. There are also certain glass restoration procedures that you can easily perform independently without necessarily hiring a glass specialist.

Restoring offers better returns on investment

Although many people do not usually look at this aspect when choosing whether to restore or replace glass, it is very important. Typically, replacement glass windows and doors can last up to 20 years. However, restoring can extend the lifespan of glass windows and doors with more than 50 years. As a result, restoring your glass windows and doors offers greater returns on investment than replacing. In fact, restoration offers more long term benefits.

Glass restoration can impact energy efficiency

This is a subject that has continued to elicit mixed reactions from both glass experts and property owners. Several studies have shown that restored glass can be more energy efficient than new replacements under certain conditions. With professional glass windows and doors restoration, you will not require more energy to heat or cool off your living and work spaces. Restoration addresses all the underlying problems with the glass, making sure that it functions as desired. Restoration not only revives the beauty of the glass but, also enhances performance.

Restoring glass windows and doors protects the environment

Less environmental impact is another reason why restoring is usually better than replacing glass windows and doors. Restoration does not involve changing components, which often end up in junk yards. Besides, restoring means less industrial activities that help with limiting the carbon emissions into the air. As a result of this, it does not leave any footprints that could harm the environment.

Get Professional Residential and Commercial Glass Restoration

Glass restoration often involves a series of procedures aimed at reviving its former glory. In fact, it can fix various problems commonly experienced on glass like scratches, chips, cracks, stains, hazing among others. However, restoring glass requires skills and special products or it to be effective. As such, it can be challenging for an ordinary home owner to get the best results.

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