Glass is a very delicate material that can quickly deteriorate without proper care and maintenance. However, many people only think of glass window maintenance whenever they are broken or badly damaged. Regardless of the types of glass on your windows or even the design of the windows, lack of proper regular maintenance can easily rob them of their beauty and impact quick wear.

Performing thorough glass window maintenance enables you to easily spot and fix problems before they develop further. Depending on the issues, there are common forms of window damage that can be effectively solved through professional windows repair like scratches, cracks, chips and hard water stains. Proper glass window maintenance will enable you to preserve them in proper state over time.

Which is the right schedule for window maintenance?

Knowing when to conduct maintenance on your glass windows is just as important as the procedure. If you wait for too long to do the maintenance, there are higher chances you may not be able to keep them in better state. So, when is the right time to perform glass window maintenance?

Generally, there is no rule on how often glass windows should be maintained. But, the factors discussed below can determine how often the procedure should be conducted so the windows remain looking good and in proper shape.

Location of the building

Buildings that are adjacent to busy streets and highways are usually prone to various elements of damage like dirt, dust and even accidents. As such, the glass windows usually require frequent maintenance.


There are some kinds of weather that could easily cause deformities on glass windows. For instance, abnormally heavy rains and storms can impact a build-up of debris, dirt, cracks and condensation on glass windows. This means, you will need to conduct maintenance more frequently.

Design of the windows

There are certain designs of glass windows that may need more frequent maintenance than others. An example is inset windows that are known to attract more dust and dirt, thereby creating the need for frequent maintenance.

Use of the building

The activities that go on in the building could also determine the frequency of glass window maintenance. Nevertheless, below is a breakdown of an ideal glass window maintenance schedule for different kinds of buildings.

Residential property and offices

For office spaces and homes, glass window maintenance should be done at least twice every year. But, windows in areas that experience heavy traffic like reception and lobby should be cleaned every month.

Retail stores     

To give a better impression of your store and attract customers, all your glass windows should remain clean, shiny and in good state. As a result, you may want to maintain your storefront glass windows at least once a month. 

Health facilities

In order to gain the trust and confidence of patients, health facilities like hospitals and clinics should always look spotless. To achieve this, proper glass window maintenance should be done at least on a monthly basis.


Glass windows in restaurants often experience a buildup of grime and moisture. To prevent these issues from harming your glass windows and giving the business a bad image, you should consider doing maintenance more often.

Checklist for Glass Windows Maintenance

Before performing glass windows maintenance, there are some things that you should check for success. Here’s a basic checklist to use for the maintenance of your glass windows.

Glass and non-glass window components

Carefully inspect all the glass and non glass parts of the windows for signs of scratches, cracks, chips, stains and condensation.  Besides, you should also inspect the window locks and other mechanisms.

Glass and Frame

Changes in temperatures can cause expansion and contraction of the frame and glass, which might make them vulnerable to damage.  Thus, it is important to also inspect the glass and frame for such defects.


Glass window seals help to prevent the penetration of moisture into the glass and faults on them could impact serious damage. When doing maintenance, check the sealants to make sure they are in good shape.

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