Glass table tops are popular not only in homes but, commercial spaces and offices too. The popularity of glass table tops is mainly attributed to their outstanding functional and aesthetic purposes. Glass tops give tables a classier and sophisticated appeal while also expressing a touch of luxury across the spaces. Glass table tops can serve as dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables among others.

Besides the exquisite appeal of glass, using glass table tops also provides the illusion of space. This means, glass table tops can make small rooms look bigger, hence more comfort. Many people also love glass table tops because of their versatility. They are available in numerous styles, shapes and sizes. Glass table tops can also easily blend in with other furniture and unique interiors, which makes them ideal for homes, offices and businesses.

Common Forms of Glass Damage

Despite the exciting attributes of glass table tops, they are also very fragile and prone to a series of defects. Even with the best care and maintenance, there are various elements of damage that can still easily catch up with the glass. Besides, glass also ages with time. Nevertheless, the following are some of the most common defects experienced on glass.


These can appear whenever the glass comes into contact with metal, stone or other hard and sharp objects. Sometimes, scratches can also result from natural wear and tear. Glass scratches can appear all over the surface, along the edges or at the center of the glass and, usually vary in sizes.

Chipping and Cracking

This is also another common defect on glass that often appears around the corners and edges. Chips and cracks mainly occur whenever something hard rubs itself against the glass, especially during transportation. The glass top can also develop cracks if heavy loads are placed on the table.


Tough stains will not only make your glass table tops to look dirty and old but, also lead to quick wear and tear. The stains can be a result of poor cleaning of glass surfaces, accidents or manufacturing defects.

Should I Repair or Replace Glass Table Tops?

In case your glass table top is experiencing any of the above blemishes, this is a question that will no doubt come to mind. While both options are good, there are exemptions. The decision to repair or replace glass table tops will mainly be based upon the particular defect and its severity. Generally, there are several forms of glass damage that can be effectively fixed through professional glass table top repair services.

Professional glass table top repair services usually cater for a wide range of issues commonly experienced on glass. A glass table top repair specialist can effectively fix scratches, chips, cracks and stains. On the other hand, there are also several remedies for glass table top repair that can be applied to solve most of the deformities at home. However, you should never attempt the repairs if you are not sure of how to go about it.

The popular DIY alternatives for glass table top repair include toothpaste, jeweler’s rogue, nail polish, vinegar and lemon juice. However, professionals may also integrate other glass repair techniques depending on the issues to be fixed. One thing about repair is that it can effectively and safely revive the appeal of the glass at a much lower cost. For simple defects that can be fixed with home remedies, you only need instructions and time.

Replacing glass table tops is an option that you may also want to consider whenever the surfaces are damaged. However, it should only be given precedence if the damage is too big to be solved through repair. Considering all the forms of damage discussed above can be fixed with professional glass table top repair, it would be unwise to rush into buying a new glass table top.

Replacements are often very costly and come with huge financial burden. Besides, there are also some antiques and rare furniture whose replacements can be very hard to find. As such, replacing your glass table top could only be a better option if it is damaged beyond repair or you have the extra money to spend. Professional glass table top repair is the most efficient and cost effective option for reviving glass.

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