Hard water stains are among the most common forms of blemishes experienced on glass. The stains usually occur as a result of the mineral deposits present in hard water. While there are several minerals in hard water, magnesium and calcium are the main ones that leave stains on glass. The stains are often exhibited in the form of white hazy droplets on the surfaces of glass that make it look dirty and aged.

Sometimes, hard water stains may be confused with water marks. However, the difference is that hard water stains cannot be washed off with common detergents and water. The mineral deposits that causes the stains are alkaline, which requires an acidic remedy and unique stain removal techniques in order to effectively come off glass. That is why getting rid of hard water stains is often challenging to most people.

Just like other common problems around the home, getting rid of hard water stains requires that you start by determining the origin of the issues. This is important in making sure that you are not faced with the same problem over and over. So, what really causes hard water stains on glass?

Generally, there are several activities that can cause hard water stains on glass. However, the ones listed above are the common ones that you should watch out for. Depending on what is causing the stains on your glass, it is advisable that the issues are also effectively addressed during the removal of hard water stains. Neglecting these issues means you will have to be dealing with hard water stains after every short while.

Causes of hard water stains on glass :

  • Droplets of water that are left to dry on the glass shower enclosure
  • Sprinkler systems positioned next to glass windows
  • Broken glass seals
  • Acidic rain water
  • Cleaning glass using hard water

Tips for Removing Hard Water Stains on Glass

Many people usually rush into applying remedies for had water stains without taking time to understand the procedure. And, that only leads to mistakes that put your glass in even much greater danger. Before removing the stains, perform a spot test to see the reaction so you do not end up ruining the entire glass. Hard water stains can form around the corners, at the center or all over the glass surfaces. To do the spot test, simply choose a small area with the stains.

Owing to the sensitivity of glass, using abrasive or rough materials on the surfaces can easily cause blemishes. For instance, rubbing the stains using a rough brush will impact scratches, which only end up causing deformities to your glass. Besides the brush, you should also avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents with minerals or compounds that react with glass. In case you are not sure of the right products for eradicating hard water stains on glass, consult with a glass specialist first.

When eradicating hard water stains on glass, you should also remember to prepare the surfaces before applying the remedies. Some hard water stain removal products may not work effectively if there are contaminants on the surfaces. To prepare the surfaces, wash the glass with fresh water and a soft cloth. After cleaning the glass, dry it properly with a clean towel. This will make it easier for the remedies to properly penetrate the surfaces and clear all the stains without leaving marks.

Most products for removing hard water stains from glass usually require that you rub them on the surfaces using a soft cloth. Whenever you are doing this, always be gentle on the glass to prevent deformities. You should also avoid leaning on the glass when working as that would cause cracks. Overall, handle glass with care and use protective gear where necessary.

In case you intend to use labeled stain removal products bought from the store on your glass, carefully read the given instructions beforehand. Even if you are using home remedies shared by a friend or obtained from the internet, get to understand the procedure before attempting it on your glass. Considering the numerous risks often involved in getting rid of hard water stains on glass, the best ways to go about it is hiring professional water stains removal services.

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