The mirrors in your home play a number of roles ranging from enhancing the decor to hygiene and security. Today, there are various kinds of mirrors used in homes including straight or flat, curved and custom mirrors. These can be used in bathrooms, dining areas, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways among other spaces.

While there are many impressive features of mirrors, their clear reflective surface is the key attribute that distinguishes them from other glassware. In the event that your mirrors start to experience blemishes, their clarity and reflective capability will also gradually fade away. Besides, there are also some deformities that could put the mirrors at greater risks.

Generally, there are various kinds of blemishes that can be experienced on mirrors. In order to make an informed decision on when your mirrors need replacement, it is important that you know about the common deformities and their impacts. The following are some of the most common forms of defects that occur on mirrors.


Scratches are caused when sharp or hard objects come into contact with mirror surfaces. While they may vary in sizes and appearance, all scratches create irregularities on glass surfaces. As a result, the surfaces become rough. Apart from just altering the smooth texture of glass surfaces, scratches also make glass to look old and obscure clarity in reflection. If scratches are allowed to build up, they could end up developing cracks.

Despite the damage that scratches can cause on mirrors, the blemishes can be effectively solved with professional mirror repair services. Common scratches barely go beyond the surface of mirrors, which makes them easier to remove. Replacing mirrors is often costly and, there is no need going through all the stress when you can effectively revive them for much less.

Chips and cracks

These are also quite common on mirrors. Chips and cracks usually result from placing heavy loads on mirrors. Bigger accumulated scratches can also create cracks. Some mirrors can also crack under intense pressure from too much heat. Nevertheless, chips and cracks can significantly ruin the appeal and durability of mirrors. If the chips and cracks are scattered all over the surface of the mirror, its reflective capability may also be ruined.

For small chips and cracks on mirrors the size of a fingernail, professional mirror repair is usually enough to bring back the lost appeal. However, there are some kinds of cracks that cannot be addressed through mirror repair. If the cracks are too big that the mirror can no longer function as required, the best solution would be a replacement. To avoid the huge costs of mirror replacement, it is advisable to repair chips and cracks as soon as they are spotted.


Stains can also cause blemishes on mirrors, hindering the surfaces from giving reflections. In fact, there are some stains that could even make it impossible to view anything on the mirror. If stains are left to sit on glass surfaces for longer, they may become hardened and quite challenging to eradicate. Hard water stains and water marks are among the most common ones experienced on mirrors.

These stains can be effectively eliminated using various remedies including vinegar, toothpaste, household cleaning products and other solutions. However, removing stains from mirrors also require skills in glass. That is why it is recommended to hire professional mirror repair services. Professionals understand the right approaches to dealing with stains on mirrors and, will safely and efficiently revive your mirrors to their former glory.

It would only be appropriate to think of replacing your mirrors if the stains do not come off and make it hard to use them.

The Best Time to Replace Your Mirrors

All the defects discussed above cause damage to mirrors. But, that does not mean you should immediately replace the mirrors whenever they are spotted. Replacing mirrors comes with huge costs and, it is always important to first check if there are other alternatives. For slight scratches, chips, cracks and stains on your mirrors, professional mirror repair offers better solutions at a fraction of the cost. It is only advisable to replace the mirrors if the defects are beyond repair.

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