Hard water is a common cause of glass stains that can significantly alter the appeal of your glass windows. The stains usually appear in the form of white hazy spots on the surfaces of the glass. Unlike soft water, hard water contains a mix of mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium. Whenever the water comes into contact with glass, the moisture evaporates after some time but, the mineral deposits are left on the surfaces.

It is these minerals that cause water spots on glass. If they are allowed to accumulate on the glass for a long period of time, there are higher chances the glass will soon start to deteriorate. The mineral deposits that cause water marks on glass are alkali, which could be harmful on your windows. In fact, even just small water spots on your glass windows can make them look dirty and old.

Generally, there are many ways to remove water spots from glass windows. However, not all can work for you. The approaches may also vary based on the type of glass on your windows among other factors. Nevertheless, it is still important that you find a suitable way of removing the water stains from your windows before they cause bigger issues. The following are common ways to remove water spots from your glass windows.

Vinegar solution

Plain white distilled vinegar is the best for removing water spots from glass. However, it must be mixed with fresh water. While it is usually recommended to mix equal amounts of water with vinegar, you may want a high concentration of vinegar if the water spots are severe. To remove the water spots, spray the solution on the surface of the glass and let it soak for a few minutes then gently scrub the surfaces with a towel dipped in the same solution. Repeat the process until the spots are gone before rinsing. After the cleaning, make sure the glass is thoroughly dried so that the spots do not get the chance to form again.


This is also a common remedy for water spots on glass windows. Toothpaste is made to fight build-up and can effectively help you remove water stains from your glass windows. For ease of use, it is advisable to add a little water to the toothpaste. After preparing the surfaces, apply the paste then; wait for a few minutes so it is soaked up by the glass. Using a sponge, brush or towel, rub the paste gentle over the areas with the spots. Rinse the surfaces with fresh water and dry the surfaces properly using a clean towel.  

Abrasive cleaners

Abrasive cleaners can also work great in removing water stains from glass windows. These usually come in the form of powdered cleaners that you can easily sprinkle over the areas. To use abrasive cleaners, the surfaces of the glass should be wet to enable the powder to properly stick. This will create an effective paste for cleaning the spots. However, quality abrasive cleaners often have instructions for use to guide you when using them. In case you opt to use abrasive cleaners for removing water spots from your glass windows, do a little research to find out the safe and effective products that guarantee better results.

Household cleaning products

Today, there are special cleaning products for removing build up of stains on glass and other surfaces. Considering there are numerous brands of such products, you may want to consult with the vendor to determine the best ones that can work on your glass windows. When using such products, always be keen to follow the given instructions on the packaging for the best results. Besides, there are some harsh cleaners that may require wearing protective gear like gloves and eyewear when using.

Hire professional water stains removal services

While the various ways for removing water marks from glass windows discussed below can work, they require some skill and time. As a result, it is easy to make mistakes that could have dire impacts on your glass windows. Besides, you may not have the time to perform the procedures. The most convenient way to remove water stains from your glass windows is through hiring professional water stains removal services.

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